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Our gentle sloping hillside provides a capacity of two caskets. Two-grave or larger lots, as well as exceptional lots in the historic areas of the cemetery are also available. Traditional ground burial would usually involve the use of chemical embalming, treated wood or metal caskets, metal or concrete casket liners, and a host of other manmade materials.

Maplewood provides many different ways to mark a burial site and commemorate a life within our carefully planned grounds. Some people select an upright or flat marker that they purchase, have inscribed and own; others choose a shared memorial that has been carefully designed and is owned by the Cemetery. In all cases the Cemetery has regulations regarding the design, materials and size of memorials that protect the aesthetic quality of the historic landscape. Before making any arrangements to purchase a memorial, be sure to check with us first.

The word "cremation" is derived from the Latin word "crematus" or "cremare" meaning "to burn up." Cremation is an increasingly popular alternative to casket burial. Families are treated with dignity, respect and care, and may be present if they wish. We offer many interment options for cremated remains in a wide range of prices.

Often individuals come to Maplewood with pre-conceived ideas that their faith does not allow cremation, only to learn that cremation is an acceptable option.

Historically, mausoleum burial was generally available only to the wealthy. Today, mausoleums are typically large buildings designed to house hundreds of crypts for above-ground interment. Modern architecture, materials and construction techniques have brought the cost of above-ground interment in line with ground burial, making it possible for most families to afford one of the world's finest forms of burial. 

For generations, Maplewood Cemetery & Chapel Mausoleum has been the choice of New Jerseyians. The beauty conveniently nestled around the creation of a chapel mausoleum, will continue to offer a tranquil haven in the beautiful land of Freehold for years to come.




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