There are several options for burial of your loved ones cremated remains. Maplewood offers full size burial plots in which the family can do one of a few different things:

One or two cremains may be buried in one plot, or one cremains may be buried with a loved one who is buried in a casket in the same plot. In these cases a single monument with both names will be allowed to be erected on the plot.

Maplewood also offers above ground niches located in the chapel mausoleum in the cemetery. On the outside of the building, we offer granite niches which have room for up to two urns (which house the cremated remains). The outside of the niches can be engraved with the family name, first name and year of birth and death. These niches may also have a symbol such as a cross, Star of David, flower, tennis racquet, etc. engraved on it as well. In addition, these niches have room for a small bronze bud vase.

Inside the chapel mausoleum, we have a beautiful wooden columbarium (structure to house cremated remains). What makes this option different is that it has a glass front for each niche which come single and double size. having the glass front enables families to display the beautiful urn that has been purchased from the funeral home. It also allows the family to display a picture of the deceased, as well as a few small remembrances, such as: a baseball, sea shells, rosary beads or whatever symbolizes something about your loved ones lives.


Maplewood offers 0% financing on preplan arrangements. Please contact us for more information on cremation options.


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