Maplewood's Rules and Regulations
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Rules and Regulations:

1. Visiting hours are from 8:00 am until sunset. The cemetery grounds are closed to the public at dusk.

2. Plot owners will be permitted to plant flowers subject to the following restrictions:

In monument sections:

  • Planting is permitted in front of the monument only
  • Limited to one foot out from the monument.
  • No planting on the sides of the monuments.
  • No planting is permitted around foot markers.

In flat marker sections:

  • Planting of flowers is not permitted.
  • Flowers may be placed in vases that are anchored in the ground or that are part of marker itself

3. Borders of any type of construction are prohibited.

4. Stones of any kind are not permitted.               .

5. Evergreens, shrubs, vines, trees or bushes are prohibited.

6. No statues are permitted.           .

7. Vigil candles are permitted and limited to one per grave.

8. Every monument is required to have a concrete foundation. This foundation must be installed by the cemetery.

9. The cemetery must approve all cemetery monuments before the monument may be installed by the monument company. Maplewood Cemetery Company is not responsible for monuments produced before approval.

10. All monuments must be sold, manufactured and set by a fully insured monument company.

11. The cemetery grounds will be closed to the public during periods of inclement weather or in times of emergencies.

12. Grave blankets and wreaths for the holidays are permitted.

13. Anything found on the grave that is in violation of the rules and regulations of the cemetery will be removed at the plot owner's expense.                                               .

14. Nothing may be attached or placed in any way on top of or on the base, face, back or sides of the monument. This includes but is not limited to statues, planters, potted plants, stones, etc.

15. Maplewood Cemetery is not responsible for stolen or broken vases or vigil candles.

16. Temporary funeral home markers are allowed for a period of 6 months but Maplewood is not responsible for broken, lost or stolen temporary markers.

17.  Vaults are required for all burials.

18. When Christmas Day falls on a Sunday, the cemetery will be closed on the following Monday. Also, all funerals on December 24th, Christmas Eve of any year, must be in the cemetery by 11am.

It is the desire of Maplewood Cemetery Company to maintain your cemetery to the highest standards possible. It is with this in mind that we have established the forgoing rules and regulations.

Maplewood Cemetery Company is not responsible for damage to plants, decorations, or any other items that are placed on the graves. Rules and regulations may be changed as found necessary.

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