The Chapel Mausoleum At Maplewood:

What Makes the Chapel Mausoleum the Wise Financial Choice?

Above-ground entombment can compare favorably with the cost of in-ground burial by eliminating the need for plots, burial vaults, monuments and memorials. In some instances the mausoleum's cost is much less than traditional in ground burial.

Maplewood Chapel Mausoleum is proud to offer substantial pre-planning discounts, as well as low, down payments, and 0% financing to our families. Contact Us about this special.



Built in 2004, the beautiful indoor chapel provides the prestige, dignity and serenity of above-ground burial including a clean, dry, beautiful environment. The relaxing and comfortable chapel setting allows families to visit their loved ones regardless of the weather with cozy chairs and quietness, all in a lovely, inspirational setting.

Our outdoor crypts are equally as beautiful and can be adorned, like the inside crypts, with photographs, bronze vases and/or engraved emblems. (Indoor crypts allow for bronze emblems and lettering).

Memorial benches have grown in popularity and may be placed around the Mausoleum or in the cemetery. These elegantly designed benches are a great addition to any grave site, providing a sanctuary to people mourning or celebrating the memory of friends, family and loved ones.

Please contact us about a customized bench.

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